Standby Generator Systems

A standby generator can bring a sense of safety and security to a home or business by bringing light, power for appliances, network operations, and temperature control. When utility power fails, a standby generator restores power to all connected circuits within as little as 10 seconds. Likewise, when utility power is finally restored, the generator automatically transfers power back to the utility as it begins to power down the generator.

Everything is automatic. All you need do is operate business as usual and enjoy life without interruption.

Cummins Residential Generator

Benchmark Electric can design a standby generator system to fit your home, business, lifestyle and budget. A standby generator system can be designed to run the entire structure, or for the budget conscious, just a few selective “essential circuits”. The price point for a standby system is quite affordable and we have financial partners offering a variety of financing alternatives, including 0% financing.

Benchmark Electric is an Authorized Dealer for three leading manufacturers: Cummins Onan, Generac Power Systems, and Kohler Power Systems. Our service techs are factory-trained by each manufacturer.


To learn more about standby generators and their operation, click on each of the short videos below.


Cummins Sound TestCummins Connect Series Sound Level Test
— The acoustical testing center is just the place for rigorous comparison. test, so we put the connect series up against a comparable model from a leading competitor.


Cummins RS20ACummins RS20A Sound Test
–An independent testing firm recorded the sound level from three competitive models and a cummins power generation unit of the same power rating, here are the results.


Home Standby Generator OverviewHome Standby Generator Overview
– Feature video developed by Designing Spaces television series which highlights Cummins Onan residential RS20 generator set and interviews dealers and customers.


Cummins Onan Residential Products OverviewCummins Onan Residential Products Overview – Learn everything about Cummins Onan Residential Generators.


Whole House Backup PowerWhole House Backup Power – This video describes the quietest and most efficient home backup electric generator in its class — Cummins Onan RS20A.


RS20A Internet InterfaceRS20A Internet Interface – Residential Standby Generator: Internet Interface


Operation of a Home Standby GeneratorOperation of a Home Standby Generator – This video gives a general overview of working and automatic operation of an emergency power backup generator and transfer switch


What happens when the power goes out?What Happens when the power goes out? – When utility power voltage falls to less than 85% of nominal, or fails entirely, the standby power system will automatically go through a start sequence.


How to Select the Right Size Residential Standby GeneratorHow to Select the Right Size Residential Standby Generator: – This video enables you to consider various aspects of selecting the right size home generator for emergency power supply.


Home Standby Generator Maintenance for Effective Backup PowerHome Standby Generator Maintenance for Effective Backup Power – This video describes how easy it is to maintain a home standby generator system to ensure that your generator is in perfect condition.


Prepare Yourself for a Power Outage & Severe WeatherPrepare Yourself for a Power Outage & Severe Weather –David Jones and Debi Marie host a special edition of “Design Spaces” to demonstrate how a home standby generator can save you from trouble in emergency situations


Benchmark Electric would be pleased to answer your questions or provide you with a free estimate on the installation of a standby generator system for your home or business.

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